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Donnie Campbell, Jr. started his Ohio-based concrete flatwork company in January 2018. With more than 10 years of flatwork field experience, the CCC team is ready for the challenges of your project.

Choosing the Right CONCRETE Contractor


How can you ensure that your plans are complete without mistakes or failures? It would help if you had quality work with predictable completion.

Selecting the right concrete contractor for the size and scope of your project will make it go more smoothly.


Look for those with the proper bonding and insurance. With licensed contractors, your project will meet specific requirements for durability.

Many concrete contractors use a website to showcase examples of their projects. Spend some time looking at their websites to help determine if your project is something the company can handle.


On curing concrete flatwork in specific site conditions, the appropriate mix of aggregates, liquid, cement, and reinforcement material in structural concrete work.

Advanced skills involve using decorative stamps and colors. If your project uses decorative finishes or dyes, ask your contractor about their credentials.


Why We Are the Right Choice

Whether the lifespan of your concrete project is 50 or 100 years, you rely on more than wear and tear or proper maintenance. You depend on the skill of the craftsmen performing your work.

The useful life of your concrete flatwork project begins before the concrete arrives at the site.

Some contractors will skip concrete fundamentals. Two guys and a truck may take your money and skip steps during the project. Good luck locating them to repair the shoddy work.

When you choose Campbell's Custom Concrete

Our craftsmen will address your needs. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure, and protect concrete flatwork. Our experienced estimators will also provide accurate estimates and options to address your construction requirements.

About Our Founder

Donnie Campbell, Jr. started his Ohio-based concrete flatwork company in January 2018, after years of field work with Donnie Sr. This legacy of hard work and high expectations is absent in many construction companies today.

Donnie is committed to the needs of constrained construction managers who need a hand meeting schedules and staying on budget.

Donnie also enjoys helping ambitious homeowners with their improvement projects.

While away from work, he enjoys being a husband and father.

We’d Love To Hear From You

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